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Internal safety box movement

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Internal safety box movement

Date:2016-08-02 Author: Click:

In recent years, China's military has made great progress. Contemporary China's military development is undergoing the evolution from the traditional threat response model to the capability shaping model. Such development cannot be separated from the military reform and innovation oriented development strategy.While our militarization may still be some way off, the pace of military reform and innovation is accelerating, and the gap is getting smaller.

Today we are going to talk about the current situation of military safety protection boxes in China.

Harding, the largest military box manufacturer in the United States, has more than 60 years of experience in manufacturing equipment transportation boxes in Massachusetts.The United States in the safety protection box this piece can be said to be relatively early development, but also more professional, our country is also in recent years to have a relatively rapid development.At first, it was mainly used in military fire fighting.

Is developing rapidly in recent years, the domestic security protection box, the early main supply, fire fighting army, is mainly used in military, the current domestic competition is fierce, but the product itself, lack of innovation, mostly imitate American pie company safety box, which to some extent also it must be the patent problems, at least in the export this piece is very problematic.

At present, ABS plastic and modified PP engineering plastic are the main materials of domestic safety protection box, which are widely used.However, compared with the two, ABS plastic is relatively hard in the sense sense, lacking enough elasticity and being very brittle. Therefore, ABS plastic is inferior to modified PP engineering plastics in the protection performance. Modified PP engineering plastics can improve the properties of flame retardant, strength, impact resistance and toughness.Of course, the cost of PP material will be relatively high, the product itself does not have an absolute price advantage, but its wear-resistant, resistant to fall, resistant to low temperature performance is accepted by more people.

Compare with domestic, the price of protective case of the United States is higher, although brand effect is very good, but, cost problem every client wants to consider, accordingly, comprehensive consideration, in the country has one to have his patent and technology, and the protective case manufacturer of price moderate is very necessary.At present the domestic protection box market is very many, but has the core technology and the patent is very few.Therefore in the global protective box competitiveness, especially compared with the United States pilken, in addition to the price, or do not have an absolute advantage.

At present, in China, the only real quality, patent are reliable, should be military suppliers."Sanjun line" brand protection box is a special security protection box supplier for troops.Is, after all, military technology, product also passed a number of strict international military standard certification, on the lock, sealing lines, water proofing property have truly belong to own patent technology, in the past two years is also widely used in photography, video, radio and television systems, navigation, aviation, unmanned aerial vehicles, oil exploration, medical equipment, emergency rescue, instruments and equipment, and many other fields.Domestic safety protection box really realized the ability of self-production and self-use, at the same time, the brand in the field of international trade has a more long-term development, in the domestic and foreign market, not only has its own patent advantage, the price is also very advantageous.The advantage of the safety protection box itself lies in the details. In addition to the material advantage of modified PP engineering plastics, the parts and components of the shaft nail are all aviation duralumin, which is more rigid and convenient.



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