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How to choose waterproof junction box correctly

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How to choose waterproof junction box correctly

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1. Select the seal grade correctly

Choose waterproof junction box, IP protection level is a very important factor.According to iec-regulations, the first number in the IP(Ingressprotection) class is the shell's ability to resist invasion of solid particles, while the second number indicates the shell's ability to protect against water droplets.The IP grade of the water-proof cast aluminum terminal box all reaches IP67, which means that it can adapt to a more harsh environment.

IP level is only defined for the shell, but the equipment should also meet the corresponding requirements after installation, that is, if the waterproof junction box needs to install a waterproof cable connector, the protection level should be higher than the box (the mainstream waterproof cable connector in the market can reach the standard of IP68).

2. Choose the right size

Of course, choosing the correct size of the waterproof box is first based on the size of the existing components and the location of the device to be placed.However, we should also consider whether new components will be added in the future, and if so, whether the space is sufficient.It is also important to note that the reference size provided by the junction box supplier is external or internal.It should also be noted that installable space is usually smaller than the internal dimensions provided.

Waterproof junction box

3.Note which parts are included in the standard configuration of the product

Most manufacturers (especially domestic manufacturers) do not include standard parts in their product Numbers.It is generally understood that a junction box contains a lid, body, seal strip and cap screw.According to different needs, manufacturers will also be equipped with such optional accessories as wall fixed hanging Angle, installation floor, cable connector.In order not to cause trouble afterwards, it is necessary to know which parts are standard and which are optional accessories before ordering.

4.Equipment long-term working environment

Usually, only buy the right ones, not the expensive ones.The price of waterproof junction box also varies greatly depending on the material.Before selecting the type, you should first make sure whether the equipment works indoors or outdoors for a long time. If it is the former, we recommend ABS waterproof junction box with relatively low price.If the outdoor environment is the best use of polycarbonate waterproof junction box, it is better than ABS material products weather resistance, heat resistance, flame retardant, anti-ultraviolet, anti-aging performance, of course, the price is also a few higher.



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