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The total volume of Chinas fan market is growing rapidly

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The total volume of Chinas fan market is growing rapidly

Date:2016-07-27 Author: Click:

In recent years, China's fan industry has gradually become a scale, the total domestic market growth is rapid, many powerful foreign manufacturers began to pay attention to the Chinese market, to compete for the domestic market as the core of the industry war has begun.Compared with our international competitors, we are faced with five crises, which are worth warning.

Economic environment changes, enterprise cost pressure increases


This year, the impact of the slowdown in national economic growth on the fan industry will gradually emerge, and the cost pressure of enterprise operation is bound to increase.Rising wages, a stronger yuan, domestic inflation and a tightening of the national currency all add to the problem.


Low-end products have excess capacity and serious homogeneity


Unbalanced industrial structure.Although China's fan products cover more than 200 series, more than 2000 varieties, but the product variety is more than fine, overlapping layout, repeated investment phenomenon is common.Raw materials, technology, capital, sales and other aspects of mutual squeeze, aggravating the homogenization of product development trend;The non-obvious product features and the non-prominent competitive advantages make the fan enterprises develop in a self-extending mode, which intensifies the bipolar development trend of the fan industry in China.


Basic technology research is not in place, generic technology is backward


If we want to close the gap with the strong fan manufacturing countries, we must make breakthroughs in the development and manufacturing of major technologies and key components.But the industry is now facing a shortage of generic technology research and development dilemma, a lot of generic technology are in the old.The lack of innovation systems and organizations to study commonality, key and core technologies is an important reason.


Developed countries have put the research and development of generic technology in the prominent position of industrial development, but China's research and development of various generic technology has always lagged behind.In the future, we should gather the superior resources of the whole industry, optimize the allocation, and accelerate the development and innovation system construction of generic technology with the support of the relevant departments of the state, so as to achieve a real breakthrough in the major key technologies of the industry.


Production methods need to be upgraded


At present, the biggest shortage of fan products in China is poor reliability.Poor product reliability brings all kinds of bad results, first is the user is not satisfied, second is to pull down the profitability of the enterprise.After - sales service cost becomes a huge expense for wind turbine enterprises.The problem of poor reliability of domestic fan products cannot be properly solved. If Chinese fan products are equal to low-end and cheap products, they cannot be removed. Therefore, national enterprises can only compete in the low-end market, forming a vicious circle.


Improper competition in the industry began to emerge


Improper intra-industry competition.Under the trend of economic benefits, some fan manufacturers with sluggish development have no obvious advantages in industrial technology and product performance, so they start a vicious price war with the advantage of reducing product price by conventional quality and quantity war.In order to seize the market, some enterprises even at the expense of negative benefits to expand the market share, in serious disruption of the market order at the same time, also make some regular manufacturers have to reduce the fan sales price.


Optimizing and improving product reliability involves all aspects, and improving equipment manufacturing capacity is the first.He that would do well must first sharpen his tools.It can be said that whoever has excellent manufacturing capacity will win the market opportunity.To enhance the competitiveness of enterprises with technological development.As the core value of an enterprise based on the market, scientific and technological innovation is also a direct reflection of the enterprise's development level and market competitiveness.In addition, the unified and perfect market supervision mechanism, as an important basis for the orderly development of China's fan industry, is also the first problem to be solved in China's fan industry during this period.



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