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What are the special requirements of explosion-proof motor during maintenance

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What are the special requirements of explosion-proof motor during maintenance

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1. Explosion-proof motor shall not be disassembled at will;During the disassembly and maintenance, the explosion-proof surface of the parts shall not be used as the fulcrum of the bar, and it is not allowed to knock or hit the explosion-proof surface.

2. When disassembling the motor, remove the downwind cover and fan first, then remove the bolt of the end cover and bearing cover with the sleeve plate hand, and then extend the end cover and the frame by striking the shaft along the axis with the log or copper rod, and finally remove the rotor.Remove the parts, the explosion-proof surface should be used upward, cover with rubber or cloth gasket, tighten the bolts, spring pad and other attention not to lose.

3. During dipping and assembly, clean the insulation paint or dirt attached to the explosion-proof surface. Do not scratch with iron sheet or other hard objects, but can grind uneven places with whetstone.

4, if the explosion-proof surface damage, tin-lead solder must use HISnPb58-2, flux of 30% concentration of hydrochloric acid (for steel parts) or contain zinc tin 58 to 60% of the tin solder, flux is 30% ammonium chloride, zinc chloride 70%, add water 100-150% mixture (iron) for weld repairs, the combination of solder and parts wants firm, raised portion to smooth, meet the finish.

5. To prevent rust on the explosion-proof surface, apply oil or 204-1 replacement anti-rust oil on the explosion-proof surface.



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