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How does the junction box work with the cable connector

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How does the junction box work with the cable connector

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Waterproof connector, as the name suggests, can be used in a water environment to provide a safe and reliable connector connector.For example: LED lamp, lighthouse, cruise ship, industrial equipment, sprinkler and so on, all need to use waterproof joints.

At present, the main evaluation standard for waterproof connector waterproof performance is based on IP waterproof grade standard.How is the waterproof performance of the waterproof joint? The last two digits of IPXX are XX. The first X is from 0 to 6, and the highest grade is 6.The second number is from 0 to 8, with the highest rating being 8.Therefore, the highest waterproof grade of waterproof joint is IP68.

Waterproof junction box

Waterproof joint is usually used together with waterproof junction box. This type of junction box is generally called joint waterproof box or terminal waterproof box. According to the number of openings, we also have waterproof boxes with one in and one out, one in and two out and one in and one out.

1. The waterproof joint is generally installed on a wall of the plastic waterproof box, so the requirement for opening is to meet the size of the external thread of the joint.

2. Consider wiring and opening.At least one in and one out, this involves at least two waterproofing joints and two box wall openings, so make sure you know the size and location of the openings and the correct size of the waterproofing joint.

3. No matter the terminal in the terminal box or other electrical components, they should be connected through waterproof connector to ensure waterproof performance.

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