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Requirements for the installation of instruments in explosive dangerous places

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Requirements for the installation of instruments in explosive dangerous places

Date:2016-07-27 Author: Click:

(1) the instruments, electrical equipment and installation materials used in explosive dangerous places, such as junction box, branch box, terminal box, etc., must have the explosion-proof certificate issued by the authorized authorities of the country. Before installation, the specifications and models should be checked to see whether they meet the design requirements.

(2) in the explosion dangerous place can also be set up positive pressure explosion-proof instrument box, inside the non-explosion-proof instrument and other electrical equipment, the ventilation pipe of the instrument box must be kept unimpeded, before sending power, should be through the box volume more than 5 times the gas replacement.

(3) the instrument wiring in the area 1 of the explosive dangerous place must ensure that in case of grounding, short circuit, broken wire and other accidents, there will be no ignition source.Therefore, the cable and wire must be laid through the pipe, and the metal pipe with pressure-proof and explosion-proof shall be used, and the cylindrical pipe shall be threaded between the protection pipe and the junction box, distribution box and tension box, and the effective meshing part of the thread shall be above 5~6 buttons.When flexible connection is needed, explosion-proof flexible connection pipe should be used.In the 2 area of the instrument wiring, generally should be through the tube, but only to protect the cable, wire insulation layer from injury.

(4) the wire channel, cable trench, protection pipe through the different grades of the explosion of dangerous place boundary, should take sealing measures, in order to prevent explosive gas from one dangerous place into another dangerous place.

(5) when the protection tube is connected with the field instrument, detection components, electrical equipment, instrument box, distribution box, junction box, cable box, etc., the flameproof sealing pipe fitting shall be installed within 0.45m at the connection place, and a sealing pipe fitting shall be installed every 15m for the protection pipe above 2in.



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