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How is waterproof between waterproof terminal box and line tube?

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How is waterproof between waterproof terminal box and line tube?

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The junction box of general home is 86 type, alleged 86 type line box, it is the outer diameter that points to switch socket face plate is 86x86mm, junction box is bright close 86x86mm, concealed box is 75x75mm, match junction box cover (or direct match switch and socket face plate), it is PVC and bai tie box material commonly.

Waterproof junction box

Waterproof junction box should be considered in the design of the problem

1. Selection of materials: the current waterproof junction box products are mainly applied in the field of the site and the outdoor site where the environment is relatively harsh.The impact resistance, static load strength, insulation performance, non-toxicity, aging resistance, corrosion resistance and flame retardant performance should be considered when considering product safety performance.(non-toxic performance has been widely concerned, mainly because if the waterproof junction box products in the case of fire, burning will not release toxic and harmful gas, generally in the fire often due to inhalation of a large number of toxic gas and death of the majority).

2. Structural design: the overall strength, aesthetics, easy processing, installation and recycling of waterproof junction box should be considered.At present, the waterproof junction box produced by the international mainstream manufacturers does not contain any metal accessories, which can simplify the product recycling process.But now most domestic manufacturers choose a different material, the material resistance waxy change performance is not good, generally in the waterproof junction box installed in the socket with brass insert to increase the installation strength, so for the material recycling process will increase time and cost.This kind of problem can be solved if the raw materials with high performance index provided by regular manufacturers are selected.

3, wall thickness: generally when designing product when considering the overall cost should as far as possible to meet the product the shock resistance and resistance to yellow becomes performance, try to reduce the wall thickness, the waterproof connector on the international design, ABS and PC material product wall thickness is between 2.5 ~ 3.5, the glass fiber reinforced polyester is usually between 5 ~ 6.5, die-casting aluminum products of wall thickness is usually between 2.5 ~ 6.The thickness of the wall should meet the installation requirements of most components and fittings.

4. Choice of sealing gasket material: for waterproof junction box products, common sealing gasket materials include PUR, EPDM, Neoprene and Silicon.The choice of sealing gasket should consider the temperature range, tension, expansion, hardness, density, compression, chemical resistance.



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