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Frequently asked questions about custom protective cases

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Frequently asked questions about custom protective cases

Date:2016-07-27 Author: Click:

As can provide customized service protective box manufacturers, often encounter a number of customer calls to consult customized aspects of the problem.I specially listed the following common problems, hoping to help customers:

1. Can you change the color of your protective case?

Answer: yes.Changing the color requires changing the raw material. Generally speaking, darker color protective cases are more resistant to dirt than lighter ones.However, at the request of the customer, we can change the color of the protective box to white, red, camouflage, brown, brown, dark green, gray and so on.

2. What is the minimum quantity of color customization?

A: generally speaking, the minimum order is 200.However, this depends on the specific color you need.The moq may increase or decrease depending on the color.

3. Can the box be punched and printed?

Answer: yes.You need to provide the drawing for the hole location, or you can provide the specific size.We need to make positioning boards.

4. Can the panel and monitor be installed in the protection box?

Answer: yes.Boxes have slots for easy fixing of panels or displays;Some cases do not have slots, but can be fixed by drilling holes and installing screws.The monitor is usually fixed on the cover.

5. Can the protective box be equipped with straps and combination locks?

Answer: yes.The protective cases are provided with lock holes and can be fitted with straps and combination locks.

6. I want to customize a box of specific size. Is that ok?

Answer: the customized box size requires mold opening.The specific mold opening cost is related to the size of the box you need.

I like one of your cases, but it doesn't have pulleys or wheels.What's a good idea?

A: we can put wheels and pull rods on boxes, but usually they are external.

8. Will your delivery period be long?

A: no.We have our own mould and can arrange production at any time.Large quantities are not a problem.

9. I want to customize your M2100 and make it white.How long will it take to make a white sample?

Answer: because injection molding production is batch, so only one sample is not practical.We suggest that you purchase our existing protective case of the same model. After the quality is approved, we can change the color in batches.



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