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Military high strength instrument box features

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Military high strength instrument box features

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Military high strength instrument box has the following characteristics:

I. overall high strength

Rigid frame structure and fiber reinforced plastic surface material organic combination, the whole injection molding, and in the box and the box cover between the sealing structure, can make the product impact resistance, compression resistance, anti-deformation, anti-crash performance relative to other materials have a new breakthrough.

Second, good adaptability

The box has stable physical and chemical properties and can adapt to various environments.Wooden boxes are susceptible to damp and mildew;Poor insulation of iron box, corrosion of paint, easy deformation under stress;Plastic case is low temperature and low strength;However, the fiber reinforced plastic surface material is resistant to acid, alkali, salt and temperature, so this product is suitable for high temperature drying, marsh salt and alkali, low temperature in north China, oil field mining acid and alkali and other harsh environments to use and store.

Third, the structure is light and compact

Weight 43-30% less than the iron box;36-20% less than wooden case;At the same time, the interface surface of the upper and lower box body is matched with the teeth, and the sealing material is bonded in the concave and convex groove to minimize the gap, thus achieving the dustproof effect.

Four, easy to put

The box body is provided with corresponding hermitage rib below, which makes the box body easy to be arranged and neat and stable during transportation and storage.

Anti - electric, anti - magnetic, anti - radiation, anti - seismic

The material of the box body is insulation material, and the lining of the box can adopt various corresponding materials according to the needs of users to achieve the anti-magnetic, anti-radiation and anti-seismic performance.

Vi. Multi-function

Can be customized according to the size of the customer box or according to the size of the packaging object change lining, can store and transport various shapes and sizes of goods, such as: shells, tools, instruments, etc.

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