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How to make photovoltaic junction box battery?

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How to make photovoltaic junction box battery?

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1, pv junction box on the back of the concatenated: on the back of the welding is 36 pieces battery concatenated together to form a component list, we are currently using is a manual process, the positioning of the main battery by a membrane panels, there are 36 cell placement groove, groove corresponding to the size of the battery, the size of the slot position has good design, different specifications of the component using a different template, the operator will use the soldering iron and solder wire "battery" in front of the positive electrode welding on the "back" on the back of the electrode, this will in turn 36 pieces of concatenated together and across the electrodes in the component list of welding wire.

2. Laminate photovoltaic junction box: after the back is connected in series and passed inspection, lay the assembly string, glass, cut EVA, glass fiber and back plate in a certain level and prepare for lamination.The glass is coated with reagent in advance to increase the bonding strength of the glass and EVA.When laying, ensure the relative position of battery string and glass and other materials, adjust the distance between batteries, and lay a good foundation for laminating.

Photovoltaic junction box

3. Photovoltaic junction box battery test: due to the randomness of the production conditions of the cells, the performance of the cells produced is not the same. Therefore, in order to effectively combine the cells with the same or similar performance, they should be classified according to their performance parameters.Battery testing is the classification of test batteries by the size of their output parameters.To improve the utilization rate of battery, make qualified battery components.

4. Pv junction box front welding: it is to weld the junction belt to the main grid line on the front of the battery. The junction belt is a tinned copper belt.The heat source for welding is an infrared lamp.The length of the welding strip is about twice the length of the side of the battery.The extra welding strip is connected to the back electrode of the back battery piece at the back welding.



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