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Introduction of terminal box parameters for compact cable installation

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Introduction of terminal box parameters for compact cable installation

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General junction box by box cover, box body, terminal, diode, connection line, connector several major components.Shell to have a strong anti-aging, uv resistance;Meet the use requirements of outdoor harsh environment conditions;Self-locking function makes the connection more convenient and firm;Must have waterproof seal design, scientific anti-shock insulation protection, with better safety performance;The terminal should be firmly installed and have good weldability with the confluence.The main function of terminal is single - wizard function. 

Compact cable mounting junction box

Connector, connection wire: with good insulation performance, male and female plug with self-locking function, solar panel and electrical connection more convenient and reliable.

Compact cable mounting junction box with an ac power outlet without switch and a removable cable access bracket for 4 video and audio cables.After the compact cable mounting junction box is installed on the surface of the furniture, its modular design enables the cable to be installed or maintained from the top of the junction box.The optional bracket kit supports up to three Extron Retractor cable Retractor modules or two single-lattice AAP(structural mounting adapter board) for different connections.

For ease of installation, the compact cable-mounting junction box is equipped with a concealed locking assembly, which can be quickly fixed to the surface of the furniture with ordinary tools.The magnetic suction device enables the upturned cover plate to remain open and facilitates the use of the compact cable mounting junction box in both horizontal and vertical directions.When closed, the cover plate also provides a full width cable through-channel.



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