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What are the main disadvantages of the cast aluminum junction box and the countermeasures?

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What are the main disadvantages of the cast aluminum junction box and the countermeasures?

Date:2017-04-21 Author: Click:

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Explosion-proof junction box is a kind of junction box used in explosive gas environment.However, it is inevitable that everything that is perfect has its disadvantages. Due to the existence of electrical terminals and the large volume of junction box, the heat dissipation is relatively poor. Moreover, the cable hole on the shell will lead to the decline of the waterproof performance of the product, the wire contact link and the small conductive area.

In view of the shortcomings of the above traditional explosion-proof junction box, our factory has improved the traditional junction box. Firstly, the metal terminal with good heat dissipation is adopted to replace the electrical terminal, and the tin welding connection mode increases the contact area.Secondly, the clamping and screw "double safety" fixed connection is adopted to increase the reliability of the connection and increase the heat dissipation performance of the heat sink cover. The most important is to adopt the high-density PCB board welding method to reduce the contact resistance.Explosion-proof and anticorrosive series are made of glass fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester resin molded shell or stainless steel welded shell.The lack of products, will be in the lack of continuous improvement, in view of the above shortcomings, our factory is in line with the perfect needs of consumers to improve the explosion-proof junction box to give full play to its role, to achieve better explosion-proof effect.



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