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What factors affect the sealing of waterproof junction box and waterproof distribution box

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What factors affect the sealing of waterproof junction box and waterproof distribution box

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We waterproof dustproof distribution box in the design of the higher the degree of protection, waterproof performance requirements of the distribution box, sometimes we protective effect is specially designed to highlight some rain hat, it can more effectively prevent water or dirt infiltration, it is easy to separate the lid and body, so that users can also be convenient for processing and printing operations.

The choice of size is the first problem we need to consider when choosing waterproof distribution box, and it is also an important part of the whole purchase process. Secondly, we should consider the influence of material choice on the function of waterproof distribution box.In terms of materials, we will provide some information and comparison files on how to correctly select waterproof distribution boxes.The sealing ring plays an important role in the protection function of the waterproof distribution box.

The sealing ring of the distribution box is the best protection. The sealing ring plays a very important role in protecting the protection level of the waterproof distribution box.Over time, the durability of the protection level depends on the characteristics of the seal ring.Fix the seal ring in the correct position.EPDM materials provide the best protection against the most widely used chemicals due to their excellent chemical and corrosion resistance.However, the resistance of sealing ring to chemical corrosion also varies greatly according to its material, so it is the most effective way to confirm the effect by direct reaction of chemical composition and sealing ring according to the need.

Waterproof distribution box performance according to the use of different sealing ring material and there are differences, the sealing ring material determines the degree of protection of the electrical sealed box.When choosing a seal ring, compare the elasticity of the material components and the effects of contact with many chemicals, as well as the effects of heat and cold.The most important thing is that the waterproof distribution box and the sealing ring are best when they have a common resistance to the same chemical.



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