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The material of waterproof junction box is compared between ABS and PC

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The material of waterproof junction box is compared between ABS and PC

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1. How to tell whether the waterproof junction box is made of ABS or PC?Now the two materials are often mixed, and in order to enhance the performance of the product, often different additives are added, so if only from the appearance, it is difficult.If it is a relatively pure ABS and PC products, the rigidity of the product can be simply distinguished.It is the hardness of the junction box to distinguish: ABS is soft, but good toughness;PC is hard, but brittle.If you are not afraid of damage, you can also use a sharp thing, easy to trace is ABS, not easy is PC. 


2. What is the difference between engineering materials ABS+PC and PC+ABS?ABS + PC alloy is refers to the composition of ABS in the majority of alloy materials, such as 20% 80% ABS + PC alloy, by the same token, the PC + ABS is refers to the PC material in the majority of alloy materials, such as PC + ABS20 80% %, which component in the majority, the characteristics of the alloy has the characteristics of this material is given priority to, the minority of ingredients are some deficiencies in order to improve the most component and join. Such as ABS with PC is in order to improve the shock resistance etc. ABS ABS prices cheaper than ABS + PC, good impact resistance, heat resistance slightly worse, the weather is bad,Good gloss. 


ABS + PC material, as its name suggests, is both ABS and PC material combination of alloy, because the PC material in impact resistance, high gloss and natural fire prevention, high heat resistance, ABS and PC alloy material are also inherited some properties of PC, ABS, relatively improved impact resistance, high gloss, fire resistance, heat resistance and relatively increased a little.However, the price of PC+ABS is also quite expensive compared with ABS. Specific choices need to be made according to customers' own needs.



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