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Main points and items of installation of junction box for household distribution box

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Main points and items of installation of junction box for household distribution box

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1. The terminal boxes used in household distribution boxes can be divided into two types: the metallic terminal box and the plastic terminal box. There are two types: the open terminal box and the dark terminal box.

2. The wiring bus in the box body of the junction box of the home distribution box shall be set up with zero wire, protective grounding wire and phase wire respectively, and shall be intact and well insulated.

3, the installation of the air switch seat should be smooth and clean and have enough space, should be installed in dry, ventilated parts, and no obstacles, easy to use.Never install the junction box for the distribution box in the case of fire.

4. The junction box for the home distribution box should not be installed too high. Generally, the installation elevation is 1.8m, so as to facilitate operation;The tube into the distribution box must be secured with a locking nut.

5. If the junction box of the household distribution box needs to be opened, the edge of the hole should be smooth and clean. When the junction box of the distribution box is buried into the wall, it should be vertical and horizontal, with a gap of 5-6 mm left at the edge.

6. The incoming line of each circuit must be of sufficient length and no joints are allowed. After installation, the use name of each circuit shall be marked.



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