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Industrial control enclosure

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Industrial control enclosure

  • Subordinate classification:Industrial control enclosure

  • Model:06-26
  • Inner size:115x90x72
  • material:
  • Protection level:
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Detailed introduction


Product description:

·It is widely used in all kinds of PLC module circuit, controller unit and distributor module

·Quick and easy installation on the guide rail

·Pre installation clip (POM injection molding)

·Upper and lower shell snap connection, tool free installation

·Complete insulation protection

·Good heat dissipation

·Colors and materials can be customized in batches

Order description


  • The color of the product can be customized at will (color sample is required), but the order quantity is required

  • Plastic products can be replaced with transparent PC, flame retardant, anti-static and other special performance materials according to the requirements, but the order quantity is required

  • Most of the products can be modified according to the requirements, such as opening, adding and modifying PCB fixed column, etc. (mold modification fee is required)

  • The company's products are designed according to the standard protection level, but do not provide relevant protection, explosion-proof level certificate

  • If you have any special needs, please make sure to inquire by phone before ordering, and specify in detail on the order

  • Due to the frequent modification or improvement of our products, the website data may not be updated in time. Please confirm your order

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